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Solar Connection LLC is a company dedicated to the development and improvement of solar energy technologies. Based in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Solar Connection LLC is comprised of a team with extensive engineering and management experience.

To read bios on our management team as well as to read more about what our long term objectives are and about our investment opportunities, you can request an IM (Information Memorandum) by contacting us.

Mission Statement

Our Vision, the compelling image of an achievable future for Solar Connection LLC, is the creation and production of clean renewable energy products and technologies, at the levels of 1 Gigawatt or more by building Dual Purpose Solar Groves, and through the franchising of these Solar groves throughout the sunbelt states of Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida.

We also seek to sustain ongoing research and development to increase the efficiency of Thin Film Photovoltaic panels used in SC LLC’s Dual Purpose Solar Groves, setting the goal to double their energy output thus helping to make the US an Energy Independent and self-sufficient nation.

SC LLC’s Solar Groves are labeled as “Dual Purpose” because of the unique architectural design of the array supporting structures, allowing the use of the land underneath the array for grazing, nurseries, hot houses, or low profile crops.


Figure 1. Long-term vision is to replicate SC LLC's high-yield design throughout
the sunbelt states into new and existing facilities.

Long-term Vision

Solar Connection LLC intends to standardize the building of 2-10 Acres of land upon which a grid of photo-voltaic panels is installed and tied to an electric utility power grid. Clean electric energy generated is sold to generate self-sustainable working capital for marketing and installation "Green" clean energy products (Patent Pending) such as the SmartBooster™ in nearby communities as well as to sustain R&D Development of new clean energy generation products.

SC LLC's business strategy is to fund Investor Owned Renewable Energy Utilities (Solar Connection LLC) that creates a win-win with its customers such that they not only improve the efficiency of existing equipment in their homes, but also benefit from the reduced cost of energy to its customers by virtue of the clean solar energy derived electricity from the solar farms in their communities. Our target markets are both, Urban development of PV Arrays as well as Solar Groves with a unique "Dual Purpose" design to maximize revenue from Solar Power generation.

All that is required for a home owner or building owner to receive the benefits of reduced cost of the electric utility is to take an active part in increasing energy efficiencies in their homes and/or commercial building through the installation of state of the art PV panels and Solar water heating applications as   well as other energy efficiency home improvements and products.  They will also be eligible to receive economic incentives per the guidelines of the US Dept., of Energy.

SC LLC intends to build  2, 1 Megawatt farms during the next 2 years, once maturing and recurring revenue for these have been achieved, SC LLC intends to continue promoting the growth of Investor Owned Utilities throughout the sunbelt states. The revenue achieved will sustain on-going R&D for some unique products described as well as revenue aimed at the expansion of larger Solar Farms in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico and Florida.