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Orlando Elias-Reyes

Most existing solar farms are suffering from the costs of producing inefficient electricity due to many ongoing expenses.  Our engineering group specializes in improving yield of existing installations.  Our multifaceted approach seeks to squeeze yield improvements from every opportunity, giving you the highest return on your investment.  We can offer solutions in the following areas:


Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panels produce less power, and keeping them clean year round can add up.  Our unique self-cleaning solutions reduce your labor cost while maintaining maximum power yield.


Battery and Main Bus Maintenance

Battery and main bus maintenance can be a significant part of the solar farm cost.  We can help you reduce cost through reduced maintenance costs and longer equipment life.  The right piece of gear in the right place makes all of the difference in the world.


Predictability and Conditioning

Inability to sustain predictable levels of energy into the grid and energy conditioning constrains limit your revenue yield.  Our engineering solutions provide significantly improved power levels conditioned to match grid requirements.


PV Constraints

Go beyond the inherent constraints of PV (Photo Voltaic) technology.  Solar Connection can help you migrate your existing and aging infrastructure to newer technologies that can provide significantly greater yields per square foot. We can significantly improve the Infrastructure between PV panels to improve overall yields.


SOP Standardization and Documentation

Lack of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and documentation at your location can cost you due to suboptimal personnel training. We can help you improve the bottom line as well with preventative maintenance programs that pay for themselves.


Training Development

We can help with training, development, hosting and certification for standard operating procedures and policies.

We can offer solutions for these specific problem areas, improving present electric utility yields that can translate into significant bottom line revenue improvements.