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Solar Energy and Utility Engineering and Optimization

We can help existing farms and installations with the following:

  • Yield improvements
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Output conditioning
  • New solar farm or grove planning
  • Implementing the latest techology
  • Operational cost reductions

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Cutting-Edge Solar Energy Research and Development

Explore some of the latest technologies being researched to increase energy yield and to help keep our planet green.

  • PETE panels
  • High-voltage Photovoltaics
  • Bloom Energy Servers
  • Energy through Photosynthesis
  • Efficient Control Systems

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We Help Setup
Investor-Owned Utilities

Own whole or part of a state-of-the-art Dual Purpose Solar Grove:

  • Take advantage of renewable energy tax incentives
  • Technology developed at our Integrated R&D facility
  • Pioneering new technologies
  • Stable, steady long-term revenue
  • Expansion throughout the sunbelt states

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Strategic Partners

These are some of the great groups we are collaborating with.

  • Solar City
  • Soitec
  • Green Ox Energy Solutions
  • SunWize
  • Green Energy
  • Wiesenfeld & Associates
  • Smittysbuilt Inc.
  • Luminant Universe


What's New

September 15, 2016
Renewable Energy Project East Texas

Feasibility Study in progress.

SC LLC is at this moment investigating the best location in East Texas for the installation of a 130 Megawatt/Hr. Solar Renewable Energy facility. This Investor Owned Electric Utility has been designed using Fresnel Lens Technology. The Solar Connection engineering team is pursuing the evaluation of Phase 1 of 10, a 13 Megawatt/hr facility built with a "Dual Purpose Solar Grove" design, allowing for specific renewable energy technologies to allow 24x7 electric power generation. A possibility of a Strategic Partnership with Solar City is being negotiated for the implementation of this project in East Texas.

Solar Connection LLC is also happy to announce the appointment of Ms. Sandra Epply as Director of Administration for this project.

For serious inquiries related to this project, please contact Ms. Epply via e-mail at SandraEpply@Yahoo.com or in writing to Mr. Wade Kricken at the address below.

Wade Kricken
Kricken Law Firm
Cityplace Tower Suite 550
2711 Haskell
Dallas, Texas 75204
(214) 418-1187

September 25, 2016
Collaboration with Luminant Universe

SC LLC is starting a collaboration project with Luminant Universe to launch software products to a worldwide market.