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Orlando Elias-Reyes

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At the corner of Katy Road and Keller-Hicks Road in northern Fort Worth, a plot of land next door to a power sub-station connected to the Tri-County Electric utility power grid; a feasibility study is being performed to make this the site for a 2 Megawatt Dual Purpose Grove project. This is intended to be Solar Connection's primary R&D facility as well.

The objective of this project as well as others to come, is to create wealth by building Dual Purpose Solar Groves and selling clean energy steadily for the next 25-30 years. Each Investor Owned Utility has been configured to repay the initial investment 100% within 8-9 years as well as preserve continued revenue to the investor(s).

Why Invest in Solar Energy?

The current supply of Solar Energy is less than 1% of the total energy consumption in the U.S. There is an insatiable and ever growing demand for energy. Clean renewable energy is good for the planet, by virtue of SE LLC’s Dual Purpose Design for the array supporting assembly. This is a project that creates steady revenue as power is initially sold to local utilities. The cost of solar energy continues to drop, while our unique engineering plan combined with some of the latest technologies provides increasing yields.

A Dual Purpose Solar Grove


Solar Connection's design incorporates traditional Photovoltaic panels with state-of-the-art high yield new designs. An onsite R&D facility will help mature emerging technologies and accelerate their commercialization.

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